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Cake Finishes

Our sponge cakes are firstly covered in a layer of buttercream (called a crumb coat) and then finished with fondant icing. This layer of buttercream creates a neat foundation for a flawless finish and helps to keep our sponge cakes lovely and moist.

Sponge cakes can also be finished with buttercream if preferred.

Our fruit cakes have a layer of marzipan and then a layer of fondant icing.

Our Cake Menu

Here at PartyCakes we offer a range of delicious flavours to tempt you. All of our cakes are made with the finest ingredients sourced as locally as possible.  If you don't see a flavour that you would like please ask.  We bake all of our cakes from proper ingredients and a lot of our recipes have been handed down from our parents and grandparents.

We also cater for special dietary requirements such as gluten free and vegan cakes - please ask for details.

Important Allergy Advice

Because of the nature of our business we cannot guarantee that any of our cakes are nut or soya free.

Our cakes contain gluten (unless gluten free is requested), wheat, eggs, milk and some cakes include nuts

Please see the symbols below the cake descriptions

Please ask for further information if required

Madagascan​ Vanilla Sponge

Our lovely moist vanilla flavoured cake with real Madagascan vanilla. Filled with strawberry jam and buttercream

Sicilian Lemon Sponge

A delicious cake for those who don't like buttercream.  Flavoured with real lemon zest  and drizzled with lemon syrup and then filled with lemon cheese filling.

Lemon Cheesecake Sponge

Light lemon sponge cake filled with lemon curd and lemon buttercream. Tastes just like lemon cheesecake!

Old English Toffee Sponge

If you love caramel as we do, you will love this caramel flavoured sponge cake. Filled with soft caramel and caramel flavoured buttercream

Banoffee Sponge

Caramel flavoured sponge cake filled with soft caramel and banana flavoured buttercream

Cherry Bakewell Sponge

This lovely almond sponge is filled with sour cherry conserve and almond buttercream.

(Contains nuts)

Earl Grey Sponge

Earl grey flavoured sponge cake filled with earl grey buttercream. The lovely flavour of Bergamot brings back memories of afternoon tea

Toffee Apple Sponge

Apple flavoured sponge cake filled with toffee buttercream and homemade apple sauce. Great for an autumnal wedding

Dreamy milk Chocolate Sponge 

A chocoholics dream, our delicious milk chocolate cake, filled with rich chocolate buttercream.

One of our most popular cakes!

Malteser Sponge

A favourite for children's birthday cakes or as a dessert cake for an evening buffet. A light milk chocolate sponge filled with chocolate buttercream and real crunched maltesers. 

Chocolate Orange Sponge

Rich chocolate orange sponge cake with a chocolate orange butter cream filling. Drizzled with home made orange syrup.

Snickers Sponge

A lovely chocolate sponge cake filled with caramel, crunchy peanut butter and chocolate buttercream.

A fantastic dessert cake for an evening buffet

Jaffa Sponge

Vanilla sponge cake with zesty orange conserve and chocolate orange buttercream filling

Orange Sponge

This is a lovely summery sponge cake made with fresh orange zest and juice and filled with orange buttercream.

Marble Sponge

Milk chocolate and vanilla cakes are rippled together, which looks great when cut into slices.

Filled with white and chocolate buttercreams. Yummy!

White Chocolate Sponge

Sponge cake enriched with white chocolate and filled with white chocolate flavoured buttercream.  Why not add raspberry conserve to make a lovely dessert cake?

Cappuccino Sponge

This is a lovely cake flavoured with fresh coffee and baileys. It is filled with baileys buttercream.

It can be made without coffee if required

Poppyseed and Lemon Sponge

Light lemon sponge cake with poppy seeds filled with lemon curd. Quintessentially afternoon tea cake.

Bubblegum Sponge

Bubblegum flavoured sponge cake filled with bubblegum flavoured buttercream.  Can be coloured pink or blue on request.

Confetti Sponge

Vanilla flavoured sponge with rainbow coloured funfetti and filled with vanilla buttercream.

G​randma's Rich fruit cake

Our fruit cake is made following Grandma's old recipe and is packed with brandy and sherry soaked dried and candied fruits, lots of lovely nuts and is matured and fed regularly to make sure that it is lovely and moist! Our fruit cake is finished with marzipan (contains nuts) and fondant icing

Black Forest Sponge

Delicious chocolate cake filled with cherry conserve and creamy vanilla buttercream.

Biscoff sp​onge

Our biscoff sponge cake is flavoured with biscoff  caramelised biscuit spread and is filled with biscoff buttercream and soft caramel

Our Handy Guide to cake portions

This is for guidance only as venues may cut  your cake in different sizes to the ones shown.